There will be huge business opportunities in the plastics industry

China's rapid urbanization process to promote the demand for building materials, plastic, as one of the four new infrastructure construction materials, in the aspect of the underground pipe network transformation and energy conservation transformation of existing homes has huge potential. Urbanization construction upgrading consumption, on the other hand, people demand for auto and home appliance, the trend of automobile lightweight, plastic steel, the influence of plastic industry also will usher in huge opportunities for development. We will accelerate the urbanization process and accelerate the implementation of the existing urban grid and communication network overhead projects. On March 16, 2014, the central committee of the communist party of China, the state council issued by the national new urbanization planning (2014-2020) "(hereinafter referred to as the" planning "), the planning target, by 2020 the population of permanent residents in the urbanization rate of 60%, this means that there will be about 100 million agricultural transfer of population and the population of permanent residents in other towns, the city's infrastructure construction demand, and lead to the development of plastic and other industries. Industry insiders believe that plastic building materials is the fourth major new type of basic materials after steel, wood and cement. Various kinds of plastic materials such as plastic pipes, polymer waterproof materials, decorative decoration materials, plastic doors and Windows, thermal insulation materials and his plastic building materials have a large increase in demand. As rural populations move into towns, demand for cars and appliances is bound to rise. Due to the influence of "plastic steel" and "light weight of automobile, light of household appliances" and other trends, the plastics industry will also have great business opportunities. The underground pipe network reconstruction project Premier li keqiang on the 12th session of the fifth session of the National People's Congress as the government work report, will advance the new urbanization on the key tasks this year. Among them, the construction of the urban underground comprehensive pipe corridor is more than 2000 kilometers, and the first three years of operation to eliminate the key area of the city will be launched to promote the construction of sponge cities. The construction of sponge city will bring new opportunities to plastic pipes and waterproof materials. According to expert analysis, during the 13th five-year plan period, China's plastic pipeline production will remain at about 3 percent annual growth rate, and by 2020, it is expected to produce 16 million tons of plastic pipe nationwide. The wading products are still the main application fields of plastic piping, especially the growth of municipal water supply and drainage pipelines. Experts expect the plastic pipeline to have a market share of more than 55 percent in all kinds of materials. Urbanization as basic state policy of the country's unshakable, will further accelerate the speed of including the central and western provincial capital cities and two or three line of residential and commercial real estate construction, small and medium-sized cities in the process of the construction has been a steady rise in demand for plastic piping will, in the whole process of roof greening also requires a lot of waterproof material. "Sponge city" construction, will bring new opportunities for plastic piping and waterproof material "sponge city" construction, will bring new opportunities for plastic piping and waterproof material State council on further promotion of the construction of the new urbanization if pointed out that strengthening the construction of underground infrastructure and renovation, reasonable layout of the electric power, communications, radio and television, water supply and drainage, heating, fire, etc underground pipeline, strengthen the implementation of both the city power grid, communication network overhead lines into the project. Raw material of plastic wire and cable is used as insulating layer and protective layer of wire and cable products, due to its good performance, small density, low price, easy molding and appearance etc, are widely used in electricity transmission, electricity distribution, communication and signal control, etc. Cable and cable are used in polyethylene, crosslinked polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyolefins, fluorine plastic, nylon etc. Polyethylene is the most widely used and the most used plastic. Energy-saving reconstruct old house Li keqiang, the prime minister in the government work report points out, "the town there are tens of millions of people live in conditions of shabby shantytowns, ongoing transformation. 6 million sets to complete shanty town housing reform this year." As plastic building materials varieties gradually seriation, form a complete set to change, standardization and popularization and application of the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving improve and strength increase, plastic as new materials of accord with the requirement of green building, not only the function houses will be improved to meet the special requirements of residential and industrial production, also with the national energy conservation and environmental protection with the direction of economic development, become a national policy support. The increase of the plastic used in building materials, is one of the trend of environmental protection and energy saving building materials the increase of the plastic used in building materials, is one of the trend of environmental protection and energy saving building materials According to the relevant construction expert introduction, according to the China promulgated the "green action plan", the requirements of existing homes energy saving transformation goal, taking the standard meter, every square metre 200 yuan building energy-saving materials in the future market capacity up to 2.6 trillion yuan. The application of plastics in building materials is one of the trends of environmental conservation. Taking polyurethane insulation as an example, using 1 cubic meter of this material can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 270kg a year. A year's consumption of 1 million tons of polyurethane insulation material will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7 million tons a year. By 2030, building energy conservation will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 5.6 billion tons. The rapid new urbanization of household appliances with plastic is not only a large number of rural residents' demand for housing, but also a comprehensive promotion of the consumption level of farmers. The consumption upgrade drives the consumption of new home appliances, and the upgrade of household appliance consumption is mainly characterized by the refinement of functions, enrichment, low carbon, intellectualization and network. With the development of science and technology, plastic is widely used in electrical products, and it has good performance of health, environmental protection and low cost. Such as plastic colourful, very suitable for used in the manufacture of electrical appliances shell, the hardness, bending strength, impact strength and tensile strength were also has improved greatly, but also has good heat resistance, hot, most of the electrical appliances product work plastic has been used in the home appliance product can tolerate high temperature for a long time. The application of plastic material in home appliance more and more widely the application of plastic material in home appliance more and more widely According to relevant data show that home appliance industry plastic demand of one million tons per year, a lot of steel material of home appliance spare parts have been replaced with plastic products, especially in the general plastic ABS, PS, as well as engineering plastics, modified plastics and plastic alloys is finding wider and wider application. The light weight of cars is a "twin brother" of urbanization and the automobile industry. The urbanization process and the development of the automobile industry are mutually supporting relationships. The automobile industry is a capital, technology and human resource intensive industry, so natural has the function to promote the local urbanization process. According to the auto industry experts study, the urbanization development history shows that after the urbanization development to a certain stage, the automobile consumption demand, especially private car consumption demand will be accelerated growth. Automotive lightweighting "plastic steel" is popular in the automotive lightweighting "plastic steel" is popular As prime minister li keqiang, which are mentioned in the "government work report" "encourage the use of clean energy vehicles," let the already very hot new energy vehicles, once again become a hot topic. The sixth phase of the sixth phase of the world's most stringent automobile emission standard, the most stringent vehicle emission standard, is scheduled to begin in 2020. At the same time, made by the state power construction strategy advisory committee, led by the national ministry of industry and information technology, automotive engineering society of China to organize the formulation of the "energy conservation and new energy automotive technology roadmap" clearly put forward: to 2030, passenger car fuel consumption is 3.2 litres/hundred kilometers, commercial vehicle fuel consumption synchronization of the international advanced level. In order to achieve the above goal, the light weight of automobile is the inevitable development trend and the main direction of automobile material development. In many weight-loss programmes, "plastic steel" and other plastic alternatives have begun to be embraced by the industry and have become increasingly popular. Judging from the materials used by modern cars, the amount of plastic is constantly increasing, whether it is external decoration or interior decoration. With the continuous improvement of engineering plastic hardness, strength and tensile properties, plastic Windows, doors, frames and even full-plastic cars have gradually appeared. The battery is essential for new energy vehicles, which will also promote the use of such materials as polypropylene. The popularization of the new urbanization policy is undoubtedly a great positive for the plastics industry. In the next few years, the amount of plastic will continue to rise. Moreover, there is still pressure in the real estate inventory in three or four tier cities. Under the help of supply-side reform, and with the trend of plastic steel, the domestic plastic market has an unlimited prospect. 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