The ban will stimulate the growth of the recycled plastics industry

The health of the people, the Chinese government has called for the urgent adjustment of the list of imported solid waste, and the import of four types of 24 solid waste is prohibited by the end of 2017. Starting at the end of 2017, China will ban imports of four types of 24 solid waste, including living sources of waste plastic, vanadium residue, unclassified waste paper and waste textiles, the document said. The proposed date of the notice is to be determined and the proposed date is September 2017. Before the end of 2017 is adjusted for banned the import of life source directory until the end of 2016 and 2016, imports of waste plastics is adjusted for life source of banned the import of waste plastics directory and imports in 2016 by the end of 2017 is adjusted for life source of banned the import of waste plastics directory and imports 2016 units: ten thousand tons of waste ban "remains to be seen plastic raw materials to rise as fast Imports of waste plastics is bigger, is our country imported waste category after waste paper imports, imports of waste plastics, 7.3473 million tons in 2016. In 2016, China will produce more than 77 million tons of plastic products. If the utilization rate of plastic recycling is calculated by 30%, the recycling amount of waste plastics in China will be about 23.1 million tons in 2016. In 2016, waste plastic imports accounted for 31.8 percent of domestic waste plastic recycling. If the above policies are implemented, there will be a big impact on China's plastics industry. The direct impact of zhuo chuang analysis is the following two points: first, it is beneficial to further increase the demand of domestic plastic raw materials. If the import of waste plastic is forbidden, the raw material demand of some plastic products will be transferred to new materials such as PP, PE and PVC. Roughly, 734.73 million tons of waste plastic imports, if all transferred to new materials, equal the demand for nearly 6 million tons of plastic materials. According to the statistics of zhuo chuang, the total output of five common plastics (PP, PE, PVC, PS and ABS) in 2016 is about 5428 million tons, and the demand for 6 million tons is about 11% of the total output. Secondly, it is beneficial to the utilization of waste plastics in China. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is around 30%, although it has been improved in the earlier stage, but the growth is slow. And far below the developed countries such as Japan and Germany. In the past few years, the recycling industry has been reshuffled and adjusted. At present, enterprises in the industry have been promoted and the quality of employees has been greatly improved. Subject to the "forbidden waste" stimulus, the next few years will be a rapid development of my plastic industry. Zhuo think, if life source of banned the import of waste plastics policy comprehensively, plastic raw materials or will become the biggest beneficiary, more current relatively popular plastic raw materials market increase greater power. This article from [Feijiu network waste materials (original China network) 】 source address: attention Feijiu net of China waste materials network information/quotation/market, get exclusive information. In the old business, Feijiu has more timely professional waste information and latest quotations on the official WeChat platform for viewing.
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