Appliance industry will be more demand for plastics

The appliance industry is one of the most important downstream industries in the plastics industry, and the development of the appliance industry has become an important factor in the development of the modified plastics industry. The modified plastic can be used to make the shell, blade and exterior accessories of household appliances. With the rapid economic development, the living standard of the people has been improved rapidly, and the domestic market of household appliances has expanded rapidly. In addition, with the deepening of the reform and opening policy, China's home appliances export has increased. Domestic and foreign market demand promotes the vigorous development of home appliance market. In home appliance products, four major home appliances including TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioning larger demand for plastic raw materials, washing machines and refrigerators products, in particular, each plastic proportion is as high as 30% - 30%, and more. In the future, the demand for plastics will be greater with the acceleration of "plastic steel". The new urbanization not only has a large number of rural residents' demand for housing, but also can improve the consumption level of farmers. The consumption upgrade drives the consumption of new home appliances, and the upgrade of household appliance consumption is mainly characterized by the refinement of functions, enrichment, low carbon, intellectualization and network. With the development of science and technology, plastic is widely used in electrical products, and it has good performance of health, environmental protection and low cost. Such as plastic colourful, very suitable for used in the manufacture of electrical appliances shell, the hardness, bending strength, impact strength and tensile strength were also has improved greatly, but also has good heat resistance, hot, most of the electrical appliances product work plastic has been used in the home appliance product can tolerate high temperature for a long time. According to relevant data show that home appliance industry plastic demand of one million tons per year, a lot of steel material of home appliance spare parts have been replaced with plastic products, especially in the general plastic abs, PS, as well as engineering plastics, modified plastics and plastic alloys is finding wider and wider application.
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