Li railway, CEO of plastic network: the thinking and prospect of plastic e-commerce for the next five years

In recent years, with the rapid development of plastic electrical business, a growing number of plastic raw materials trading, logistics, industry data and plastic trade participants were packed into the relatively closed loop of the ecological system, accompanied by a wave of plastic + Internet, traditional way of large plastic trade will completely change, the next five years, plastic electricity will be how to develop? Li railway, CEO of my plastic network, believes that some new breakthroughs will occur in the following five dimensions. CEO - li railway photo. Jpeg 1. Smarter warehousing and logistics The plastic trading is inseparable from the warehousing and logistics, through the computer and information management system, according to the control instructions automatically complete the goods access to the operation, and the inventory goods management. Real-time control of inventory dynamics and rapid dispatch. In the future, the plastic e-commerce platform will more and more online consignment of plastic products, through "cloud" warehousing, to provide a standardized warehouse solution for enterprises. Plastic raw materials trade with sku variety, the trading frequency high characteristic, the concept of "cloud" storage inventory plastic goods through coding way, intelligent matching optimal storage, connected to the existing system of "plastic logistics", will implement every single goods can real-time tracking, and smart logistics cost calculation. Through big data analysis, we can also explore the storage dynamics of various regions and provide trend analysis for industry partners. 2. More convenient plastic online trading experience In the next five years, the wide application of smart devices in business communication will greatly improve the efficiency of plastic transactions. For example, the plastic ring, a mobile terminal plastic trade APP that my plastic net has fully built, allows plastic trade to be managed without leaving the house. In the future, the whole process of plastic trading can be more thoroughly understood, and the transaction data can be more fully connected, and all the processes, links and operation methods can be further intelligently. Reduce transaction cost and improve resource allocation efficiency, make traditional plastic trade "smart data smart transactions". 3. Deeper involvement of supply chain finance in plastic trade As the online trade growing, plastic plastic supply chain finance in the future will be more from the perspective of user needs, combined with the practice of plastic electric business platform for experience and risk control ability, surrounding products, risk control, service, etc. Established a set of standardization system. "Internet + + financial industry" trinity, experience from the practice of my plastic mesh, plastic industry vertical supply chain finance and intelligent trend is particularly strong, now my plastic mesh online financial products supply chain has become a very important channel for the numerous plastic trade enterprises financing, and in the next five years, with the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence technology matures, plastic industry online gold supply chain finance could usher in a new development period. 4. More human information and data The emergence of today's headlines has changed the way people get information, and future plastics providers can provide users with more user-friendly information and data services. Relying on the user behavior data accumulated in the early stage of the plastic e-commerce platform, through the recommendation algorithm, the content becomes more and more "smart". The platform will be able to grasp the interest demand of users in the plastic industry, so that users can save time to do efficient information and data reading. My plastic network hopes to cover a wider range of users in the plastic industry in the future, so as to bring more in-depth and vertical reading experience to users and serve the professional market of plastic industry. 5. The plastic B2B service model that is close to the offline market Future prosperous plastic electrical contractor "B2B + O2O" development mode, only rely on online development doesn't satisfy the need plastic trade market, combined with offline logistics, warehousing, integration of online resources, expand the industrial chain and service ability is plastic electric business development direction in the future. "Plastic B2B" is to learn jd mode, layout offline storage and logistics, and more closely serve the users, so as to truly become the "unicorn" of the industry. In modern times, the industry's Internet + ubiquitous, mobile devices and the development of artificial intelligence is thousands of miles a day, cloud computing makes large plastic trade logistics, cash flow, information flow, technology flow of contact more closely and efficiently. In the next five years, plastic e-commerce will also enter a new era of intelligent communication. Source: network Disclaimer: this article only represents the author's opinion and is not related to huaxia. Huaxia website does not provide any guarantee for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the content contained in the article. Please make reference only and assume full responsibility.
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